Studio Facilities

Audio Art Recording is a full-service recording studio in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan features 2 fully-equipped control rooms. We specialize in audio post production (dialogue editing, foley, music scoring, and final mixing), location audio (film and TV location audio recording as well as music production recording), and music production (band recording, single artists, producing, engineering, musicians, commercial radio and TV, voiceover and music),

Additional Features

The studio is equipped with a 5-piece Canwood/Yamaha drum kit, Hammond M3 organ and 147 Leslie rotary speaker, 5-guitars, 2-guitar amps, 2-keyboards, 2 sound modules, and various percussion instruments.
The studio rooms are acoustically treated with Sonex acoustic foam, 3 different custom built oak sound diffusers. The control rooms are treated with Sonex acoustic foam and custom built oak diffuser/absorber panels throughout each control room.