Equipment List

Studio 1 Equipment List

Pro-Tool HD2 High Definition 24/192 digital recording system
Pro-Tool Sync (full lock to picture house sync)
Pro-Tools 192 digital interface
Toshiba 32” HD video monitor
JBL 4430 Studio Monitors
KRK Rokit 8 studio monitors
Auratone studio monitors
Nautilis NEMO DMC-8 Monitor controller
Urei LA-4, LA-3 compressors
Manley ELOP stereo compressor
Vintech X73i preamp, John Hardy N1 (4 channel) preamp
Telefunken V620a preamps (2)
Neve 1272 style (Seventh Circle N72), Altec, Scully and Peavey pre-amps
Pultek single channel EQ
Tascam and Sony DAT recorders
A large selection of Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser and Shure microphones

Studio 2 Equipment List

Pro-Tools LE (digi002)/Sonar 4.1/Project 5 virtual instrument workstation/ Gigasampler virtual sampler/Acid 4.0 loop construction program/Antares Auto-tune and Tube, Waves Gold Bundle audio effects/Vegas Video 3.0
Yamaha O1V digital recording console
Joemeek and ART compressors and preamps
Kurzweil K-2000VX keyboard
Korg N1R sound module
Tascam DAT recorder
A large selection of Studio Projects, Rode, AKG and Shure microphones
Mackie HR-824 studio monitors
Yamaha NS-10M studio monitors

Microphone list:

1 - Neumann U67 tube (1950's)
1 - Neumann U87 (1980)
1 - Neumann KLM84
2 - AKG 451EB
2 - AKG 414EB
2 - AKG 535EB
4 - Sennheiser 421
1 - AKG D112
2 - Rode NT-2
2 - Octava MC-012
1 - Studio Projects C1
1 - Beyer Dynamics M201
4 - Shure SM-57
3 - Shure SM-58
2 - Radio Shack (Crown) PZM