Audio Production

Talent, Music, Foley... Everything you need

Audio Art Recording can fulfill all your audio post needs. We have 2 fully equipped editing/mixing rooms with an extensive sound FX library, music library, and Foley studio. We have an extensive library of voice talent, or we can access a specific voice for you no matter where they are.

A music score can be created for you from library music, or we can compose a music score for your film or documentary.

Voiceovers & ADR over the Internet

Equipped with Source Connect, we are able to record ADR or voiceovers directly to timeline. It's broadcast quality audio recording over a T1 internet connection in real time.

Experience and Tools

We have an extensive array of noise reduction and noise suppression tools to make your location audio shine, and our experienced dialogue editors can keep your audio tracks clear and focused.

We offer location audio services as well ranging from a single boom and a lapel mic, to an extensive film setup with multiple booms, lapel mics, and sync to camera recording.