Album Production

Audio Art Recording has a 16'x24' main recording room with multiple diffusion and reflection surfaces to offer a warm, live sounding recording room with a very little coloration.

We have a vocal isolation booth, and 3 additional isolation areas (all with visual contact) for recording multiple isolated sources together.

Our 2 control rooms are linked for data transfer as well as audio patching and are both equally capable of recording up to 24 simultaneous tracks, and mixing 2 to 96 tracks. Both systems are equipped with Waves Gold Bundle, Antares Auto-tune 4, numerous soft synths and plugins.

Our microphone selection is diverse and exotic mics and preamps are available on short notice.

We have 2 recording engineers/music producers with many years of experience and album credits to their names. If you have an engineer or producer that you are working with, we can offer you the facility and a technician for your sessions.